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Journey to healing


Would you like to feel lighter, more hopeful?

Would you like to step into the brightness of your life?

Are you mired in pain, heaviness, old hurts, and worries?

Goldenhealer will lead you to a path that promotes healing and invites joy.

Find the path to self-expression with your paintbrush,

Or open the door to your dreams with collage.

Invite your Queen to come into your life fully to guide you into your fullness.

Life is never going to be the same.

With love,


Buy my book, Facing the Dragon, My Healing Journey  $19.95, my personal story of growing up without my father and learning how to really love and care for myself.

Join the Goldenhealer Healing RETREAT at Kitty’s Corner in Marshall, Missouri, September 13-15th, 2012.  You will be embraced in community with other women who will present their Great Work and promote healing, creativity, self-expression, and friendship.  Rooms at Kitty’s Corner have kitchens, all linens and kitchen supplies provided.  Flyer with more information will be coming soon! $395

Invite me to hold a workshop with your group to promote self-discovery, self-expression, and listening to your heart using creative tools including painting, collage, and drawing.  No former art experience required.  Cost depends on materials used, approx $20 per person.

Speaking Opportunities!  I would love to be invited to your group to share my own healing practices and invite others to begin their own journey to healing.  Small groups can be very interractive.  Larger groups are also welcome.  Will involve some small group or partnership interraction.  Cost depending on travel expenses.  $200 for small groups, $500 for large audiences.

Private mentoring available $20 for 30 minutes.


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