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GOLDENHEALER Transformational Healing Retreat

Do you have a heavy heart?

Come, come,

to Goldenhealer’s Transformational Healing Retreat,

At Kitty’s Corner on September 8th and 9th, in Marshall, Missouri.

Leave your worries behind,

Open your heart and pass the Red Thread with us.

Learn the journey to self love and the Divine.

Open your heart to healing.




Hope Amid Tragedy


Last weekend, I met Bob James, the two time Grammy winner Jazz musician and composer from Marshall, Missouri.  The link I am posting on my blog (up there ^) has a Youtube video called, Jazz in Japan.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and the video is on the right lower corner.  It lasts about 30 minutes and is a very touching story documenting Bob James’ visit to Japan to participate in the Iwate Jazz Festival to encourage the tsunami victims.  You will be encouraged by the experiences of the people who tell about how this festival helped them to find hope in their lives after such tragedy and the beautiful power of music in Bob James’ gift of song and deep respect for the Japanese people.

My Welcome and Love Letter to YOU!

Hello and welcome from Goldenhealer! I am Shari and I invite you here.  I  invite you to come with me into my garden and sit by the water in the cool morning breeze and watch the birds play their mating games.  We will have tea together and relax for a spell.  Breathe in the fragrance of the honeysuckle, take in the beauty around you.  I want to know what is in your heart at this moment? Take a deep breath and give your thoughts to the earth and be supported in this place, this safe and healing place.

Is your heart aching?  Do you feel weary? May I sit beside you? If I told you that you are in the perfect place for you right now, would you look at me with an incredulous stare? What if I say that you are stronger than you know? Stronger than you ever dreamed possible.

There are many things in which I do not feel I am capable, or up to the task, but I keep risking anyway.  Even in creating this blog to share with you, I wonder, am I creative enough?  However, I  know that any time you put your foot forward for the growth, development, and self-expression of your own life, especially, ON YOUR OWN TERMS, then the forces rise up to meet you.  This is to support you by lifting your dreams into working mode.  The secret is that your determination to fulfill your life purpose has to be stronger, has to be more powerful.  Or you just stay safely where you are now.  Nice and comfortable.  Tempting, isn’t it?  But we all know we are not really happy there for long.

I am here to tell you that climbing the mountain ahead is a thrill.  Pushing forward to find out what you are truely capable of is the challenge of a lifetime.  For me.  For you.  And I am here to serve your unfolding, and my own.

I have a dream that somewhere inside me is an artist, is a writer, is a creative soul that is aching to get out and be seen.  Be witnessed.  It must be a really big dream because I am fighting a tiger to move in this direction.  You know about those tigers, don’t you?  We all do.

Won’t you join me in my journey?  I invite you to open the door to your heart and soul and let that dream come forward.  Are you listening to that voice telling you that it is impossible?  That you are too old, too busy, too committed to other important things, people are depending on you, the kids need you, your mother, father, sister, husband, wife, partner needs you, you already are up to your eyeballs in projects that lay unfinished, you have started many things and have not been able to complete them, you don’t have the money, you just want too much, this is silly thinking, you lack the formal education, why are you always starting things? can you never be satisfied with what you have? your computer is already bogged down with so many emails and you are adding another?  And how do I know this?  Well, this stuff goes on in my head all the time.

Let us be strong together.  And fight that tiger.  And break through together.

I hope you join me in my fledgeling blog. The journey of Golden Healer is very much about inviting your own Golden Healer Within to come forward.  As you follow the progression of my posts, you will learn about activating your own Golden Healer – she who knows how to bring peace into every day even when your heart is dragging.

I have a free gift if you will join, that will be coming soon, my most encouraging e-book, 10 Great Ways to Win Every Day When Your Heart is Dragging and You Need to Get Moving! 

Have a healing day.

Please send me a comment!  Thank you.   Goldenhealer


Today I was on a teleconference talking with a group of women about our Great Work.  My Great Work being this hatchling web site, Golden Healer, and how this is a part of creating my own Legendary Life.  We were led in a visualization at the end of the conference where my Great Woman was beckoning me to go on a journey so that she could reveal one of the most important secrets of my Great Work to me. I am always a bit anxious when I am on a guided visualization because I worry that I am the only one who will remain clueless about any realization or message that I should be receiving.  In spite of that, my Great Woman led me to a familiar recent experience where I was on the most fabulous retreat, meeting women from all over the world, and where I was taken was to my room where I had two other roommates with whom I developed such delightful friendships.  This did not seem woo woo enough for me as the secret message that I was waiting for.  Then, I realized that the absolutely most valuable and cherished part of my whole entire life has been friendships.  My dear friends have been the glue of my life!  I have been so supported in love and acceptance through my life by my friends.  Friends are the rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and pearls of existance.  I could not live a life without friends.  I think I have been taking for granted the love of my friends.  I am going to ponder on this a while.  And maybe take a moment to send a few emails to my friends.

Healing myself

For most of my adult life, I have searched for things to help me to heal from loss. My father died when I was only four years old at a time that I was unable to process or understand much of what had happened. My next major loss occurred when I was in my second year of medical school and my grandmother, with whom I was very close, died before I was finished needing her. Both instances were so hard to understand, at least the why part. It seemed so unfair. I needed both of these people in my life and what was I to do without them. Coping with the loss of my grandmother was done as an adult, however, frequently I felt like the same child that was fatherless at a very young age.

Both of these experiences made such a powerful impact on my life that I have made a career out of supporting people who are grieving their losses. Something that I learned unexpectedly was that supporting others in their grief, helped me, as well. This has become a very special part of my medical practice. Loss is so universal, yet, one does not think much about it until it is very personal.

So, I never thought about having this great benefit of healing from supporting others. People are so appreciative, yet, I really have received such connection with someone who is suffering and missing their loved one, just like me when my grandmother died and my dad died. It is my blessing to be of service.
Thank you for allowing me to sit beside you and share in your suffering.

I think about the people in my life that I love right now and how special they are to me. I want to appreciate them now and let them know how much they mean to me.

Welcome to My Great Work

Welcome to my new Web Site!  I am a Family Physician living in the Midwest and have been working in healthcare most of my adult life and for the past 20 years as a doctor.  As my experience of healthcare becomes more challenging and complex, for my patients, it has become more chaotic and difficult to find help when they need it.  One thing that does stand out for me is that adequate healthcare does not equal wholeness or happiness.  I talk with patients every day who appear healthy yet are having headaches, muscle aches, gastrointestinal difficulties, abdominal pain, stress.  They are missing something.  They are not happy.  They have no passion or meaning in their lives.  The advantage to being a Family Physician is that I have many long term relationships with my patients.  This is very beneficial in building trust with my patients and being someone who can listen to the fears and sufferings that many people face.  I have learned to believe in the power of healing the human heart.  It is so incredibly powerful to be listened to and to be heard.  This is the purpose of this blog, to encourage and inspire those who are suffering.   I am begining to believe that the Universe wants us to be happy.  Regardless of where you are in your life at this moment, healing is available to you, literally, just a breath away…

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths while focusing on a golden light located at your heart.  Imagine that light breathing along with your breaths.