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Today I was on a teleconference talking with a group of women about our Great Work.  My Great Work being this hatchling web site, Golden Healer, and how this is a part of creating my own Legendary Life.  We were led in a visualization at the end of the conference where my Great Woman was beckoning me to go on a journey so that she could reveal one of the most important secrets of my Great Work to me. I am always a bit anxious when I am on a guided visualization because I worry that I am the only one who will remain clueless about any realization or message that I should be receiving.  In spite of that, my Great Woman led me to a familiar recent experience where I was on the most fabulous retreat, meeting women from all over the world, and where I was taken was to my room where I had two other roommates with whom I developed such delightful friendships.  This did not seem woo woo enough for me as the secret message that I was waiting for.  Then, I realized that the absolutely most valuable and cherished part of my whole entire life has been friendships.  My dear friends have been the glue of my life!  I have been so supported in love and acceptance through my life by my friends.  Friends are the rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and pearls of existance.  I could not live a life without friends.  I think I have been taking for granted the love of my friends.  I am going to ponder on this a while.  And maybe take a moment to send a few emails to my friends.